Myle Ott

About Me

I received my Ph.D. in C.S. from Cornell in August 2013. I worked in Cornell's Natural Language Processing group under the advisement of Claire Cardie. Now I'm a Research Scientist at Facebook.

I'm also a Jack Kent Cooke Foundation scholar and a graduate of the Early Entrance Program.

Research Overview

My work in the area of opinion analysis explores how honesty and sentiment are expressed in online social media text, with an emphasis on detecting deceptive opinion spam—fictitious opinions that have been deliberately written to sound authentic, in order to deceive the reader. My work in this area has produced the first publicly available gold standard corpus of deceptive opinion spam, shown the efficacy of training supervised text classifiers to detect deception, and introduced a Bayesian framework for obtaining community-level estimates of the rates of deception in online review portals, e.g., TripAdvisor and Yelp. A demo of our deception research is available at

My work in the area of information retrieval focuses on improving search within collections of short documents, e.g., tweets, by exploiting term co-occurrence ("topic modeling") in conjunction with explicit topic indicators, e.g., hashtags, to improve topic identification and relevance assessment. This work has been applied at IBM Research for entry into NIST's Text REtrieval Conference (TREC 2012).

Recent Work

Properties, Prediction, and Prevalence of Useful User-generated Comments for Descriptive Annotation of Social Media Objects

[ bibtex | pdf ]

Elaheh Momeni, Claire Cardie, Myle Ott

@ ICWSM 2013

Negative Deceptive Opinion Spam

[ bibtex | data | demo | pdf ]

Myle Ott, Claire Cardie, Jeffrey T. Hancock

@ NAACL 2013, Short Papers

Estimating the Prevalence of Deception in Online Review Communities

[ bibtex | pdf | slides ]

Myle Ott, Claire Cardie, Jeffrey T. Hancock

@ WWW 2012, 12% acceptance rate

In Search of a Gold Standard in Studies of Deception

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Stephanie Gokhman, Jeff Hancock, Poornima Prabhu, Myle Ott, Claire Cardie

@ EACL Workshop on Computational Approaches to Deception Detection 2012

Multi-aspect Sentiment Analysis with Topic Models

[ bibtex | pdf | slides ]

Bin Lu, Myle Ott, Claire Cardie, Benjamin Tsou